The Unified Voice of the PA Transportation Construction Industries


The TCI-PAC works to advance the objectives of the entire transportation construction industry in Pennsylvania. The TCI-PAC collects voluntary contributions from concerned contractors, materials suppliers and service providers. The TCI-PAC supports those candidates who support a healthy transportation system.

United in Action

Since its inception in 2002, your Transportation Construction Industries Political Action Committee has become a force in Harrisburg. The four associations that comprise TCI-PAC are joined in purpose and united in action to promote full funding of Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure needs.


The Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association

Pennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association

American Concrete Pavement Association - PA Chapter

2022 Campaign Brochure

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To support candidates for Governor and the State Legislature who are supportive of the needs of the transportation construction industries in Pennsylvania, including a well-funded highway program.
The TCI-PAC financially supports non-federal candidates whom it believes will vote in ways that support of a well-funded, comprehensive transportation program at the state and national level.


On average, for calendar years 2020 and 2021, PennDOT’s contract levels for road and bridge construction repair and maintenance projects are at or near the lowest levels since 2006. Contracts for design projects were put on hold in 2020 and need to increase to keep road and bridge improvements moving forward.

The current state budget diverts $706 million from the Motor License Fund to the State Police budget. This means more than 11 cents per gallon of the state’s gas tax is not going to road improvements. By stopping this shift of funds and using gas tax money to pay for road improvements, PA could finance major bridge projects and fund other road improvements without raising taxes.

Many other states are planning to use budget surpluses created by American Rescue Plan monies to invest in transportation projects including Colorado, Utah, Georgia, Idaho, and Michigan.

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to fully end the diversion of money from the Motor License Fund and restore transportation funds for transportation uses. Tell your elected official that it’s time to seize the opportunity and use the American Rescue Plan to rescue PA’s roads.




Lisa Wagman Glezer  
Wagman Heavy Civil, Inc.


Rod Martin  
Martin Stone Quarries

Association Executives

John M. Becker

American Concrete Pavement Association, Pennsylvania Chapter

Charles Goodhart

Pennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association

Robert E. Latham, CAE

Associated Pennsylvania Constructors

Peter T. Vlahos

Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association
Board of Directors
  • Steven B. Bolt
    Remington & Vernick Engineers, Inc.
  • Paul Detwiler, III
    New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.
  • Ryan Flood
    Highway Equipment and Supply
  • Michael Hawbaker
    Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.
  • Roy Heim
    Heim Construction
  • Craig A. Hoogstraten
    James J. Anderson Construction Co., Inc.
  • Kevin J. Loftus
    Loftus Construction, Inc.
  • Rob Striewig
    AIA American Insurance Admin., LLC
  • James W. Van Buren
  • Lonnie Young

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